Stationery and Cards Market Predicted for Strong Growth

As detailed in a new report recently, the global stationery and cards market is predicted to see strong growth in the coming years, with many resellers and companies in the sector eager to capitalize.

Office Supplies Blog has learnt via the Dealer Support website that the stationery and cards market is set to continue expanding globally, with a considerable increase predicted between 2021 and 2026.

This follows statistics and other analytical findings that indicate that the stationery and cards market was already seeing a steady rate of growth in 2020.

How the Digital Age Has Affected the Stationery and Cards Market

There is no disputing that the advancement of the internet and online services has had an impact on how the world continues to communicate and on the purchasing of stationery, particularly cards and envelopes.

But as the UK Greeting Card Market Report, conducted by Echo Research and commissioned by the Greeting Card Association highlights, the UK spent more than £1.7 billion on greeting cards and associated stationery products in 2018.

Considering the purchasing stationery and cards online and from physical retailers as well, the report also details that three quarters of these sales were on the purchase of special occasion cards, such as for birthdays, anniversaries and other memorable events.

And as we have previously drawn attention to on the Office Supplies Blog, handwriting and handwritten forms of communication continue to add a personal note to business even in an era which is dominated by instant messaging and email.

Generation Z and Millennials Still Invested in Stationery and Cards

Whilst research and market forecasts within the industry may have expected the Millennials and Generation Z demographics to make a permanent switch to digital greeting cards and digital forms of communication, this couldn’t have been further from the truth.

In fact, Amanda Fergusson, CEO of the Greeting Card Association, spoke on how current figures are bucking the predicted trend when it comes to younger demographics embracing traditional stationery and cards, commenting:

“There is plenty of evidence to show that Generation Z and Millennials (18-34-year olds) are fully engaged with cards and buy more volume than any other age group.

This is an incredibly positive trend for the future of our industry.”

She continues:

“We still have a way to go to catch up with the US though – the US Postal Service reported 44 million extra cards were sent between 2017 and 2018 – which they say is due to Millennials.”

The UK’s Contribution to Boosting the Stationery and Cards Market

Bringing forward key figures from more recent years, business data provider Statista indicates that UK households in 2019 purchased more than £2.84 billion worth of stationery and drawing equipment.

The figures, whilst slightly lowered from the ones provided in 2018, are still vastly increased from the types of sales and revenue seen by the stationery and cards market in 2014 -2015.

This has meant that companies within this part of the industry and the market overall has already encountered substantial growth, whilst other areas such as office supplies and office stationery, have waivered within the same reported periods.

A Movement Back to Written Communication?

Expanding on the statistics and data provided on the stationery and cards market over the past several years, Tim Browning, Director at Blake Envelopes expressed his thoughts on how this may now mean a resurgence for written communication, instead of continued reliance on technology.

“For the last 15 years communication has become more and more reliant on digital platforms and, in recent years, this to the point of saturation.

The events and experiences of the last 12 months have only served to enhance this feeling.

Yet through all of this a counter-movement seems to be gathering momentum; the inherent value, reliability and authenticity of tangible written communication is cutting through the digital blur.”

Details on how to view the full findings from The Global Stationery and Cards Market report can be found here.

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