Staples UK Supports Local Charity Causes


Staples UK Supports Local Causes

Leading business supplies retailer Staples UK have been helping to support several local charity causes ahead of their website re-launch next week.

Regarded as a market leader in the office supplies and business products sector online for the last 25 years, Staples UK have provided their support recently to the Help A Child To Learn campaign and towards the men’s mental health charity, Andys Man Club.

The donations were provided as part of the National Education Union campaign and to Andy’s Man Club as part of Staples UK’s ongoing commitment to giving back to the community and supporting those in need finding themselves in difficulty due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Staples UK Stationery Donation Towards Help A Child to Learn Campaign

Due to the concerns surrounding homeschooling and preparing underprivileged school students for returning to education after the COVID-19 lockdowns, the media publication the Daily Mirror and the trade union for education, the National Educational Union have created the ‘Help a Child to Learn’ campaign.

Identifying how they could help to contribute to the campaign, Staples UK have shown their support for a local children’s football team in Huddersfield by donating £22,000 worth of stationery for children requiring basic school stationery and education supplies.

Philippa Bourne, Online Campaigns Manager for Staples UK expressed:

“As a business, has grown online with the support of its customers, many of them schools and working parents and carers supporting their children’s education.

We are genuinely privileged to be in a position to give back in a small way to such a worthwhile cause like this.”

Donation of Hand Sanitisers to Andys Man Club

Staples UK have also provided support to the men’s mental health charity Andys Man Club, with the donation of over 2,000 bottles of hand sanitiser to be used during the charity’s support group meetings held across the country.

Despite the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on many businesses and support functions in 2020 and 2021, Andys Man Club has been able to continue running its dedicated support meetings at over 40 different locations in the UK, providing essential mental health support and advice to those who require it the most.

Commenting after receiving the donation of hand sanitisers from Staples UK, Luke Ambler of Andys Man Club said:

“Andys Man Club would like to thank for their generous donation of over 2,000 bottles of Hand Sanitiser to Andys Man Club.

With attendance at our group regularly hitting 1,000 men a week at 40+ locations across the United Kingdom, generous donations such as this make it easier for use to adhere to COVID-19 restrictions, keep our groups open and ensure that our groups are a safe environment for men to be in during times of need.”

Staples UK’s website will be relaunched later this month by Banner, a subsidiary of the EVO Group of Companies, with EVO Group’s CEO Steve Haworth adding some further comments on Staples UK’s recent charity contributions.

“We recognise the importance of good mental health and the vital support Andys Man Club offers.

We understand the difficulties and increased costs groups such as this have faced due to the pandemic and are happy to donate vital office and workplace supplies so they can continue to run their meetings in a safe environment.”

You can learn more about the ‘Help a Child to Learn’ campaign here and more about Andys Man Club by clicking here.

Sam Rose