The New Voice in the Office

the new voice in the office 08.06.18

Voice activated virtual assistants are making their way into the workplace. In a technology-driven ‘smart’ era, office workers are taking advantage of voice technology to improve business productivity and efficiency. Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and Cisco are among some of the… Continue Reading

The Company Creating Office Furniture from Plastic Waste

The company creating office furniture from plastic waste 30.05.18

Plastic Whale is the first ever company to create office furniture from plastic waste. By scooping out plastic from Amsterdam’s canals, the company has discovered new and innovative purposes for the environmental nightmare. Plastic Pollution Plastic waste is a growing… Continue Reading

GDPR Expected to Negatively Affect Royal Mail Sales

GDPR Delivers Blow to Royal Mail Letter Service 23.5.18

The introduction of GDPR is expected to massively affect Royal Mail sales as customers turn to email instead of letters. Royal Mail Plc, Britain’s 500 year old postal service, has announced it expects the new legislation to negatively affect letter… Continue Reading