Preparing the Workplace for Social Distancing – How Do You Safely Store Office Equipment?

Marvin Magusara provides advice on how businesses can safely store their office equipment during the new social distancing regulations being introduced in workplaces in our latest Guest Blog article. After spending months in lockdown, people in many parts of the… Continue Reading

How to Design a Home Office That Boosts Productivity

Home Office Design Productivity Main Article Image

Matt Deighton, Managing Director of furniture crafters Timeless Chesterfields, offers his advice for boosting productivity through home office interior design. Self-employment, flexible hours and working from home are all on the rise, which is great news for our work-life balances.… Continue Reading

The Company Creating Office Furniture from Plastic Waste

The company creating office furniture from plastic waste 30.05.18

Plastic Whale is the first ever company to create office furniture from plastic waste. By scooping out plastic from Amsterdam’s canals, the company has discovered new and innovative purposes for the environmental nightmare. Plastic Pollution Plastic waste is a growing… Continue Reading