How to Drive Sustainability in Facilities Management (And Why You Should!)

Sustainability in Facilities Management

The benefits of improving sustainability in your organisation are plentiful and can include cost savings, improved morale, reducing your environmental impact and many more. Read on to find out how, as a facilities manager, you can drive the change towards… Continue Reading

BOSS Ready to Tackle Plastic Issue

BOSS Tackle Plastic Issue

During a recent meeting with it’s newly established interest group, UK trade association BOSS discussed a joint agenda in tackling the plastic issue within the office supplies industry. The meeting was attended by a variety of representatives including manufacturers, dealer… Continue Reading

Nestlé and Caran d’Ache Are Rewriting Recycling

Caran d'Ache and Nestlé Nespresso Ball Point Pen

In a drive to continue their environmental and sustainability efforts, drink and food manufacturer Nestlé have joined with luxury pen brand Caran d’Ache to create a pen made entirely from recycled coffee capsules. Whilst perhaps an unusual concept at first, Nestlé Nespresso… Continue Reading

The Company Creating Office Furniture from Plastic Waste

The company creating office furniture from plastic waste 30.05.18

Plastic Whale is the first ever company to create office furniture from plastic waste. By scooping out plastic from Amsterdam’s canals, the company has discovered new and innovative purposes for the environmental nightmare. Plastic Pollution Plastic waste is a growing… Continue Reading